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2006 Art catalog "Have you ever considered suicide" article by Ilana Tenenbaum
2005 Art catalog "Wall-Less" article by Hagai Segev
2003 Art catalog "Beautiful Suicide" article by Dov Or-Ner
2002 Art catalog "Sprouting-An-Apocalyptic Field"article by Ora Krous
2000 Art catalog, “The Web”, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Zagreb, Cruatia,Article by Branco Franceschi.
1999 video presentation of installation in HaMumheh, Alternative Space
1999 Art catalog, “Adding and Subtracting" Installations 1994-1998. article by Ilan Wizgan.
1994 Video documenting the project “A Studio within a Museum”, Arad Museum. Presentation by Miri Taragan.
1993 Art catalog, “Color in Motion” exhibition, Ein Harod Museum, Ein Harod, article by Galia Bar Or
1992 Art catalog, “A Room of her Own” exhibition, Six Room Gallery, Jaffa, Tel Aviv,article by Dafna Na or
1991 Art catalog, “Paper Canvases” exhibition, Petach Tikva Museum. article by Dalia Levin.
1990 Art catalog for the Efrat Gallery exhibition. article by Dr. Gideon Ofrat.

  Group Publications:
1994 Art catalog, “Art Focus” exhibition, Haifa University, Haifa.
1988 Art catalog, “Portrait of a City” exhibition, Haifa Museum, Haifa.
1987 Art catalog, “Works on Paper” exhibition, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1985 Art catalog, “The First Line” exhibition, Ein Harod Museum, Ein Harod.
1985 Art catalog, “Paths in the Park” exhibition , Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv. Presentation by Paul Kaniel.
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