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Curator: Efi Gen

Polychrome, the new installation by Tamar Dubrovsky invites us into a colorful, expressive and strong experience. Hundreds of elongated colorful bodies made of silk sheets which were wrinkled, mashed, narrowed and tightened until they became magic wands within the hands of the artist. As if they are in a relay race, these sticks travel through her recent works, and constantly take on new shapes. They were already shown in their natural, neutral color, completely white, quoting “The Vision of the Dry Bones”, associating the experiences of the second generation of the Holocaust survivors, and suggest a resemblance to walls and security fences. In Polychrome, thousands of colorful wands were grouped together in order to catch the eye as a colorful whole, yet at the same time each is perceived as an extraordinary unit. Each rod, each stick - which reminds us of a phallus - stands on its own, yet weaves with thousands of others a painting-installation - big, powerful and expressive.

Polychrome is a new link in Dubrovsky’s installations, and it is tightly related to the abstract and colorful painting that the artist deals with constantly, for more than two decades. It is defined as abstract expressionism. The curator, Gideon Ofrat wrote about her paintings, “it is a different kind of Israeli abstraction…which constantly offers a personal saying: masses, pressures, occupation, presence and intensive markings of a gentle and wondering soul. A paradox! This is a painting that wishes to dare. Each intense barrage hides vulnerability. The painting is an existence: to choose, rebel, a will to power”.

Polychrome the new painting-installation stands up, is hanged in space, and paradoxically it is a realization of painting. It is a three dimensional painting. The brush strokes in her paintings now dance between picturesque symbolisms, which belongs to the realm of the abstract painting, and between physical presences in an installation, in a room, in space. The new painting-installation examines the passage from theoretical fiction to reality. The color that lost itself in the prior installations returns now and celebrates. One can compare her work to music, to a musical score that can be read. This enables us to understand this creation from a new angle. The creation catches the eye, bursts into the heart and makes its voice heard. The senses process experiences of color and form. “The work of art is created, just like a musical pieces is created, within the compositor’s head first of all, in the language of musical signs, and only then it goes into the viewers’ head (in music there’s a transitional phase – in which the conductor translates the musical score for the audience, and the orchestra plays it for the audience). In art there is no mediator (conductor). Everything goes directly into the viewer’s head. The creation is a musical score!” Just like in music, the viewer can try and hear the colorful creation.

Dubrovsky’s three dimensional installations are made of the same “real” brush strokes that belong to the two dimensional. Just like a Lego pieces, they construct her creation and enable to create complex bodies and place them in given spaces. In Polychrome the painting-installation chose to play with colors. In a free and liberated manner, Dubrovsky creates a clear movement that stems from many years of work, with a unique voice of her own. Her current work, Polychrome examines and manifests the unique connection she found between painting and installation.

Efi Gen., September 2010

Translation: Ran Keidar

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