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Masculine Painting?

"Even though you are very feminine, your painting is very masculine"….such was the compliment I received from a well-known Israeli art critic, at one of my exhibitions.

A masculine way of painting…that is, a powerful, all-present way of painting, painting with strength, painting with presence and personal identification.

"Even though you are very feminine, your painting is very masculine"….

Apparently a female painter is supposed to be weak, soft, an amateur who takes the painting among the other classical pastimes, a wife and mother, and only then a painter.

At most, aesthetic or soft and feminine, insignificant, decorative… obsessive. I earned myself the title of masculine painter!!! My painting does not address my sexuality, but rather absolute values!

My career as a painter began in the late seventies; semi-abstract, lyrical and delicate paintings, in keeping with the tradition of "New Horizons", the common style in Israel in those days.

The three years spent in the USA in California led me to a more personal style, a more abstract "masculine" one.

I liken painting to composing music; like a musical score in which there are artistic values that converse with each other. A patch of colour next to another patch, a rhythm created by short brushstrokes or alternately thick ones. A fast, staccato rhythm, in short brush strokes, and legato in long, thick brushstrokes. Families of colours that create harmony, and opposite them colours from foreign families creating kontra punkt counterpoint and disharmony.

The music, harmonious and disharmonious, is( unwittingly) formed among the spectators and they move as if on the painting, to the dictation of the score of the painter (the composer).

Although I am an abstract-colourist painter, I express the physical world that I know, the sum of all my experiences, all that I have learned, my history as well as my parents' history and my country's history…

My experiences as a humanbeing, living on earth, who breathes, who sees the sun every morning, feels the rain, sees the blue horizontal sea, the clouds ,feels the blowing wind etc, transformed into a universal visual language; similar to an artist working in a different medium,composing music or using words for literature …

Over the years the two dimension art works became more plasticized and the brushstrokes thicker, almost three-dimensional, to the point where they ask me to come back to reality, , to the three-dimensional world. I looked for a material that would make my brushstrokes realistic; plasticized, line like …new brushstrokes. I discovered paper…thin paper, wrapping paper with construction glue, their combination created new structures (brushstrokes), similar in appearance to dry bones. A further transformation occurred, from two-dimension to three-dimension! To new reality in a real world created by me!

Over a period of ten months I made approximately 8000 bones rich in texture, with which I create installations, like Lego bricks that join one another to form a gigantic object that stimulates the viewer's associations and takes over the space. The joints are crosshatched using plastic tyes; an enormous grid stretching out to substantial heights.

"This is no profession for a woman! This is a harsh profession! A tough profession, a woman stands no chance of succeeding in a man's world," said my parents when they learned I was thinking of studying art. I became an artist in spite of that, it is almost a divine mark( decree) that one cannot oppose.

I was born into a family of Holocaust survivors. My parents arrived in Israel after they lost their family and possessions in Europe during the Nazi regime. I, Tamar, whose parents had argued after whom they would name their daughter. Father won, Tamar was five years old when she was murdered after being hidden for two years in an underground cellar; someone had informed on her and she was shot.

I grew up in Israel with a feeling of complete equality; I served in the army just like the boys. And at home when there was nothing to eat, there was a piano and books and not much more ! my father said "only what I had in my head they couldn't take away from me". So education and studies were the most important things!

Over the past three years I have been dealing with the subject of "Have you ever considered suicide?"

The question is fundamental due to a very tense political situation, due to a very heavy personal feeling, due to a big crisis which has struck Israeli society. I named the first project of the series "Beautiful Suicide". Two additional projects were done in colaboration with another artist by the name of Dov Or-Ner.

Suicide is seen as a symbol leading to profound fundamental questions about life. What is life worth? Is life worth living?

In a symbolic gesture, we have buried works of art in the ground, at sea, have blown them up in the field. Earth, water, fire and air.we produced three video art presenting

The idea.we used our artistic work to make our point.

As an artist I do not take a stand, but rather view my role as that of cautioning and emphasizing a phenomenon, and say: "Watch out!"

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